Call for Presentations

Call for Presentations


March 14-16, 2018

Liberty University


Online Learning Ecologies: Connections and Interactions

Online learning ecologies are spaces in which learning occurs that operates on the same principles and processes as a natural ecology including connections and interactions. Learning is about making connections; connections with course content, course participants, and course experiences. “Research provides growing evidence that learning is about making connections – whether the connections are established by firing synapses in the brain, the ‘ah-ha’ experience of seeing the connection between two formerly isolated concepts, or the satisfaction of seeing the connection between an abstraction and a ‘hands-on’ concrete application” (Cross, 1999, p. 5). Types of connections include:

  • Connecting old knowledge to new learning
  • Connecting theory to practice (what to how)
  • Connecting one concept to another
  • Connecting past experience to present information
  • Connecting students and students with faculty
  • Connecting action with reflection
  • Connecting God’s Word with the discipline

Michael Moore’s 3 types of interaction include “learner-content, learner-instructor, and learner-learner” (Moore, 1989). Going beyond Moore’s levels of interaction:

  • Learner-Instructor Interaction
  • Learner-Learner Interaction
  • Instructor-Content
  • Learner-Group Interaction
  • Group-Group Interaction
  • Instructor-Group Interaction
  • Group-Content Interaction
  • Learner to LMS Interaction

Please review the following conference track information as a recommendation for your submission. This year, we’re following a slightly different approach by scheduling two sessions for each track. Following are the requested submission guidelines.

Track 1 – Connection: Proposals submitted for this track should address components of best practices or innovative ideas that would point toward those types of connections addressed above, related to online and distance learning.

Track 2 – Interaction: Proposals submitted for this track should address issues related to types of interactions addressed above within the contexts of online and distance learning.

Submission Checklist

  • Title of Presentation
  • Presentation abstract of 10-25 words for inclusion in the program
  • Proposed conference track
  • Target audience (novice, intermediate, expert – faculty, staff, administration or multiple audiences)
  • Media Needs – please note the need for a computer, projector, internet access, etc.
  • Brief bio (15-30 words) of the presenter(s)

Selection Criteria

  • All information required by the Submission Checklist is provided.
  • Relevance to conference theme and conference tracks and meets the criteria of contributing to research, theory and/or practice.
  • Presenter Qualifications: Evidence of presenter experience with the topic being presented as demonstrated in the presenter bio.
  • Presentations with tangible outcomes and practical applications for the audience will be given special priority.

Please submit proposals in a timely fashion to Dr. Mary Lowe (